Friday, March 9, 2012

YakAttack VISIPole II Review

Safety and visibility on the water are two of the most important concerns for kayak anglers. Whether you are fishing during the day or night, it is imperative that other boaters are able to see you. Kayaks sit very low to the water making them hard to be seen. YakAttack has created a solution that makes yakers extremely visible and safe during while paddling with the VISIPole II. Quality DIY lights can easily equal the same price as the VISIPole but lack the reliability that is critical for safety. I can not stress enough that you should NEVER cut corner with safety gear.  You are depending on this equipment to protect you, don't go cheap. I have had the opportunity to use the VISIPole over the last year and have put it through its paces, as well as added upgrades. It has proved to be bombproof.


The VISIPole II features two bright LED lights that are visible from 360 degrees, meeting U.S.C.G. requirements for operation at night. The light is powered by three AAA batteries which will last for 100 hours! Throw a spare set of batteries in your fishing gear though because the light runs like the energizer bunny and it's difficult to add up how many hours you've had it on for.

The light housing is outfitted with S.O.L.A.S reflective tape that produces great light reflection and is elevated above the kayak. It is impossible not to notice the way it reflects the flash from cameras!

At night, the light is well above eye level and does not destroy your night vision like other lights do when you turn around.

I have the VISIPole model with a flag and fly it during the day. The flag is quiet, does not catch wind, and stands tall enough (4'6")  that other boaters are able to see you if you are fishing creek bends or in choppy conditions.

Some more great features are that the light is extremely light, durable, waterproof, and it floats! The base fits snugly into rod holders and also comes in several different mounting options (RAM, Scotty, Mighty Mount)

YakAttack is an excellent company that produces top notch products and outstanding customer service. All of their products are made in the U.S. and they stand behind everything they make. You can not go wrong.


Because I fish in heavily traveled areas at night, I upgraded the LED module from 2 LEDs to 4 LEDs. Although this cuts the battery life in half (50 hours!), it doubles the amount of light produced. The batteries still last countless outings before needed to be replaced. This is highly recommended for those that fish in areas where boat traffic is heavy. If interested, Luther at YakAttack can set you up with these. Shoot him an email.

The second upgrade I added was an LED Nav light that features the standard green and red maritime navigation colors. Click on the link above or visit the Rigging section for an explanation on how I rigged this. When near bridges, I  noticed white lights tend to blend in with horizon lights and vehicle lights. When looking for powerboats on the water RED and GREEN always seem to be the easiest colors to pick up against the horizon. I feel adding these to the VISIPole greatly increases my visibility and overall safety.

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