Friday, June 1, 2012

Something Huge

Yesterday was one of the best days I have ever had kayak fishing. Not because I caught everything that swims but because I was able to finally get my dad into a kayak and fishing for the first time. The day turned south though when he started to out fish me!

The wind was calm and the tide was starting to run hard so we made our way over to the HRBT to see if we could snag a few flounder to bring home. At the bridge we met up with Schwigy and PhillyJoe who were also on the hunt for some keeper flatties. We were only able to find undersized flounders, croakers, and specs. My dad caught a keeper trout that was gut hooked so badly I decided to take it home. Normally, I would have thrown him back but the jig was literally inside his stomach and knew he didn't have a chance after we got it out.

An interesting twist was when I hooked into something huge... huge as in at least 50-60 pounds. I was drifting large minnows around the base of pilings hoping to entice a hungry flounder. I thought I was snagged when the line came taught and the rod bent over gradually. This was not a snag though... I felt it start to swim and flicked on my camera to record the events. After about 10 mins of small shakes, short runs, and a little pulling I was not gaining any line. Confused I decided to see if I could manage to pull it up to the surface to get a look. When I did this I only gained about a foot or two of line, got some good shakes, a short run and it felt like it was back on the bottom again. I was starting to grow impatient wondering what the heck was on the other end of my line and tried to pull it up again. Then... the line broke and it was gone. Below is the link for the video and I am curious if anyone has any guesses what it may have been based on the looks of the fight. The only thing I can think of is it may have been a cownose ray or a large sea turtle? Any other ideas? I dont think it was a fish because I only felt it swim for brief period then it was like it was anchored to the bottom. Give me your best guess.....