About Me

Hi my name is Brian, and I am addicted to kayak fishing.

Fishing is my passion and I devote almost all my free time to chasing fish and learning new species. My passion for fishing started when I was little boy fishing with dad and I remember some of the best weekends were spent at the lake. Not only did I learn to love fishing from him, but I also developed an incredible love for nature and the outdoors.

I started out with canoeing but I have been paddling ever since I was a young boy. When I was 14 I completed a two week long canoe trip around some of Canada's lakes. We were self sufficient and did not see anyone or get any more food after the first day we left. We carried everything in, and carried everything out.

When I was in high school I started to get into sea kayaking and competed in several kayak races. It was around this time I started to modify my first kayak to be able to fish from it also. Today I do 99% of my fishing from a kayak...nothing beats it. I will use this blog to update and document my experiences. I will also offer advice about gear and the rigs I use. Bookmark the page and feel free to ask questions and comment. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy!

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  1. Brian,
    I'm editor at Kayak Angler and I'd like to run some of your videos on Buzz Bait blog on www.kayakanglermag.com. Is that cool?